Over the last twenty years legal aid contracts have increased in complexity and bureacracy but diminished in viability.  The rules and specifications have changed annually in response to various governmental initiatives.  It takes in-depth knowledge gained from years of running such contracts and litigating publicly-funded cases to keep on top of the changing landscape and find strategies to deliver outcomes for vulnerable clients whilst keeping the work profitable.

Colin has 20 years experience of civil legal aid contracts in the private and not-for-profit legal sector and can advise on licenced and controlled work procedures, compliance and audit issues or simply identify practical and proven solutions to improve performance.  He was also trustee of an NfP advice agency for four years.

Colin is a founding member of ilegal, the online forum for the social welfare law community.  He has been contributing his knowledge pro bono since 2006.  Follow this link to read his latest posts on legal aid matters.

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